Aluminium coated blinds and their advantages

Aluminium in the construction industry
Aluminium is being used in more and more areas due to its comprehensive advantages. Aluminium also has a firm place in building services and the building trade. Builders and architects often use aluminium, although...

Aluminium foil in chemistry

Aluminium is a natural material that is often used because of its good conductivity. It is malleable and equipped with a very noble surface. The chemical element aluminium has the atomic number 13. The name is derived from the Latin word alumen or alum.


Aluminum foil as vapour barrier

Vapour barrier and vapor retarders
The question of whether a vapour retarders or a vapour barrier is better suited for renovation or new construction often arises. Both alternatives can be used to seal insulated building parts can be used.


Aluminum foil in sauna construction

Vapour barrier or vapour barrier in sauna construction
When building a sauna, a vapour barrier or vapour check should be installed. But what's the difference?
Vapour barrier and vapour check differences
With a vapour barrier, no moisture at all gets...

Insulation with aluminium foils

Aluminium is light, robust and durable. In addition, it has excellent insulation values. Aluminium foils work like mirrors. They reflect. In the concrete case they reflect energy.

However, it is not the thickness of the material that is decisive for...

Sustainability with aluminium foil

Sustainability with aluminium foil

The benefits of aluminium foil have long since ceased to be confined to the food industry . Aluminium is an important material in the construction, mechanical engineering, consumer goods and transport sectors. A material that in many areas could hardly...
The aluminium foil market in Europe

The aluminium foil market in Europe

A wide variety of foils can be purchased through a wholesaler for aluminium foil. Many foils can be easily formed and cut to size. They can be used, for example, for a vapour barrier. Aluminium foil has the advantage that it is easy to stretch and process....

Various forms of aluminium film

Aluminium foil laminated with paper
Aluminium foil can be used for multiple occasions or for different applications. Nevertheless, the outstanding characteristic remains certainly the ability to conduct energy.

With composite films , i.e. films...