Product Development & Custom Materials

Alfipa: Alu Film Paper

We specialize in Aluminium, Copper, Stainless steel, Plastic Film and Paper-based materials that cater to your specific application requirements. We support your product development process and supply custom materials that best fit to your application. We develop and improve new laminations, especially for packaging materials, fibrous insulation and rigid insulation boards.


We love to support your product development!

When you develop new products, it is normal that you initially just have a vague idea of your material requirements. You may have an idea about the desired material characteristics, but you are unsure what material will deliver the best results, at the lowest cost?

We love to help! With over 40+ years of industry experience, this is our core competency and a very regular situation for us when we are first approached by our customers. We work together to define the desired characteristics, give technical advice (for free!) and suggest materials that match your needs and budget.

Narrow strips of aluminium used for building & construction.

Narrow strips of aluminium used for building & construction.

We make sure we supply the material to you on time. In many cases, our solutions outperform the initial ideas that our customers approached us with – at lower costs.

  • You want to laminate your material against an Aluminium layer, but have adhesion issues? Contact us.
  • You want to glue your material on Aluminium and need to ensure a super-tight grip? Contact us.
  • You want to encapsulate your material with Aluminium, but are worried the Alu might tear? Contact us.
  • You need to protect your product from corrosion through wind and rain? Contact us.
  • You have special requirements for your Alu, Film or Paper-based material? Contact us.
  • You need to replace an existing supplier? Contact us.
  • You need material in non-standard widths? Contact us.


Our specialty is to deliver custom Alu, Plastic Film & Paper-based materials that are hard to get elsewhere. This includes:


…non-standard widths

We can deliver Aluminium, Film & Paper foils, strips and sheets in almost any dimension.

Your machine is best utilized when you use foils and strips in the maximum width it can handle. This leads to significantly lower costs. It is usually difficult to find material in non-standard width or thickness, especially if you need rather small quantities. We can help.

Low-quantity aluminium coils according to your requirements, from 20-2000 mm.

Low-quantity aluminium coils according to your requirements, from 20-2000 mm.

We supply Alu, Film & Paper in almost any width and thickness, even super-narrow and ultra-wide material with a width of 20-2000 mm (and others upon request).


…low-quantity coils

Your machines are only able to handle coils of a certain diameter or weight, e. g. due to space or transport vehicle limitations? This means you need to obey to a certain maximum quantity per coil, which makes it hard to find suppliers. We can supply low-quantity coils for you, made to your specific requirements – in any width.

Some of your machines may be able to produce a wide product out of two or more input reels in parallel. We can supply reels with material of identical length, which makes it easy to use them in parallel without the need to glue together foils of one reel or the other. This enables you to fully utilize your machines, and reduces costs.


…special material treatments

We are able to offer various product and surface treatments. This includes chemically degreased aluminium and corona treated PETMet (metalized PET). We also employ special annealing procedures for our aluminium foils that help to achieve the special material characteristics that you require.

Lacquered and embossed aluminium foils and laminations.

Lacquered and embossed aluminium foils and laminations.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and suggest materials and treatments to best achieve your requirements.


…lacquering, lamination & custom multilayer solutions

We supply lacquered and laminated material. Our lacquering capabilities range from epoxy primer to bespoke double-sided colors and imprints.

We supply various multilayer lamination solutions based on Aluminium, PET, PETMet (metalized PET) and PE, including Alu+PE laminate up to 2500 mm wide (with scrim).


We always work together with you to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific needs. The more information you can give us on your application requirements, the better we can serve you. Contact us!