Applications for Aluminium & Multilayer Foils

We love product development!

We love product development!

We supply metal and aluminium-foils, strips and sheets, as well as multilayer foils with aluminium, plastic films and paper.

Our materials are used in a wide range of industries and applications, mainly by converters and manufacturers of technical products.

Food & Pharma Packaging

Our foils and strips are used to produce packaging material for food and beverages, including chocolate and dairies as well as pharmaceuticals.

Europe's leading insulation brands trust Alfipa products.

Europe’s leading insulation brands trust Alfipa products.

Achieving A-grade wettability (e.g. according to DIN EN 546-4), our materials are well suited for lacquering, printing and laminations, such as glue lamination, PE lamination and wax/hotmelt lamination.

Insulation Materials

Europe’s leading insulation brands trust Alfipa Aluminium and laminations. Our foils and strips are used as facings for laminations with insulation material, such as rock wool, glass scrims, plastic scrims and tissues. This creates high-performance insulation products used for sound absorption, heat insulation and low-temperature insulation.

Our foils are also used for coating with bitumen and with foam insulation panels such as PUR foam and PIR foam. This way, you will likely find some Alfipa Aluminium in your favorite hardware store just around the corner.

Facings for insulation materials have become one of our core competencies, and we have in-depth knowledge what materials and treatments are needed to achieve the desired result for numerous applications in various environmental settings.

Train wagon with aluminium floor panels by Alfipa.

Train wagon with aluminium floor panels by Alfipa.

Transport & Logistics

Been to Paris? Chances are you have been walking on Alfipa Aluminium. Our Aluminium sheets are used to build the flooring of subway wagons in the French capital. Next time you take the Metro, remember you are walking on Alfipa Aluminium!

Our Aluminium is also used in the production process for ultra-light cabin fittings for the world’s largest passenger aircrafts (as well as in other, lightweight furniture). For this application, it is mandatory that the Aluminium surface is absolutely oil-free to enable ultra-strong adhesion characteristics. We ensure this by employing a special production process and specialized surface treatments.

Physics & Science

Do you remember the media hype and fear that the whole world would collapse when the world’s largest particle accelerator starting operating near Geneva, creating antimatter right here on earth? We surely didn’t worry – because we knew nothing could go wrong with Alfipa Aluminium! And by the way, did we mention some Alfipa Aluminium even made it to outer space?

More down to earth, our Aluminium is also used as a lightweight insulator in state-of-the-art centrifuges. Among others, such centrifuges are used for the production of petroleum gas.

Building & Construction

Our Alu-PE laminations are also used to seal water pipes and cable tubes. The PE film not only prevents water and cement from entering the tubes, it also allows to easily sever the protective layer from the tube when needed.

Your Industry

The list above is just a small excerpt of applications and industries where our products are used today. We supply various other industries with Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel, Plastic Films and Paper, and it is likely we also have customers in your industry. Find out how we can help you – contact us!

More Applications

Aluminium foil for sound insulation

Loud noise is not only a huge nuisance but it can also be harmful to health. Therefor noise protection is a great deal in construction business, all kinds of industry and many other areas. Aluminum film can improve sound insulation and help avoid annoying...
Aluminium foil in the pharmaceutical industry

Aluminium foil in the pharmaceutical industry

High-quality medicines need packaging in which they are safely protected from environmental influences , oxygen and moisture . It is only in this way that the ingredients retain their effects which they are to develop when ingested.

Blister packs...

Aluminum foil for building insulation and sound insulation

Aluminum foil for building insulation and sound insulation

Aluminum foil is used as a vapor barrier for building insulation. In combination with bitumen, it is used for flat roofs. This combination offers the typical advantages of multilayer composites, in which the properties of the individual...

Aluminum foil for industrial applications

Aluminum foil for industrial applications

The high resistance and the relatively low cost makes aluminum foil suitable for industrial applications. By alloying aluminum with other metals such as magnesium, manganese, copper, nickel, silicon or zinc, a wide range of aluminum alloys  and ...

More than 90% of all food products sold in Western Europe come packaged. The packaging not only protects the food from spoilage and contamination, but also often is chosen in order to improve the looks so that more people of the respective target...

Metallized PET film: What can PET met be used for?

Metallized PET film: What can PET met be used for?

PET met is a polyester film metallized with aluminum powder . Polyester film (short: PET film) is already characterized by high strength and surface hardness . Especially with regard to the diffusion density however, the favorable properties can...

Roof insulation with aluminum foil

Roof insulation with aluminum foil

A large amount of the heat, up to 93%, is transmitted by radiation. A house without insulation loses this radiant heat . Insulation materials made solely from glass fibers or cellulose cannot stop radiation losses.

Unlike aluminum foils and aluminum...