We Supply Small & Medium Quantities

We supply small and medium quantities.

We deliver small & medium quantities for Aluminium, PET/PE Film, Laminates and Paper.
Did this happen to you?

You, on the phone: “I need 100 kg of Aluminium.” Potential supplier: “Sorry, minimum order quantity is 20 tons. Bye bye.”   This does NOT happen with AlFiPa!

With the ongoing concentration in the Aluminium, Film and Paper industries, production mills and large-scale factories require ever larger order quantities. In most cases, minimum order quantities are multiples of truck loads. You – however – may just need a relatively small amount of Aluminium, Film or Paper. Maybe just a few kilograms, maybe a few hundred kilograms.

We specialize in small & medium quantities

We are able to deliver small to medium quantities of Aluminium, Plastic Film, Laminates and Paper, and we usually can provide you such quantities in a relatively short time-frame (within weeks, not months). We have no minimum order quantity. Therefore, we can help you to increase your profit by satisfying urgent orders, as well as providing you with material for products that just require relatively low amounts of Aluminium, Film or Paper per year.

We supply small quantities of aluminium, PET, PE, laminates, copper, inox and paper.

We supply small quantities of aluminium, PET, PE,
laminates, copper, stainless steel and paper.

We are also able to deliver such quantities with low-quantity coils, to cater to the capabilities of your machines and your specific production environment.   You can count on us for Aluminium, Film & Paper:

…for new product developments

You may develop a new product and are unsure about your customer’s demand. Or you are gradually ramping up production for a certain product, starting with low volumes. Perhaps you only need to produce a few samples, to show the product to your customer. Maybe your customer needs to test the product before mass production can begin? We specialize in such scenarios and are happy to provide small amounts, even just a few kilograms. Of course, sometimes it may not make sense to deliver small quantities, for example when the shipping costs far outreach the material costs. But we don’t just give up – we will suggest alternatives and discuss the best solution with you. With 40+ years of experience in the Aluminium, Film and Paper industry, we have successfully developed countless products together with our customers. Our in-depth knowledge of the specific material behavior and material characteristics enable us to show you alternative solutions for your application.

We offer lacquered aluminium on small-quantity reels.

We offer lacquered aluminium on small-quantity reels.

This saves you time and money. And best of all for you: All our product development consulting is provided for free – just call us.

…for low and medium annual volumes

Let’s face it. Some products require a demand of less than 20 tons of Aluminium each year. These products may just receive a relatively low annual demand. Sometimes, the Aluminium is just a small part of your overall product. Or you need our material during the production process, but it does not end up in the final product itself. For all these reasons, we totally understand that your annual demands may be relatively low. That’s why we do not impose minimum order quantities. In fact, we are happy to see our customers grow with our material and are committed to your success. We have seen many companies grow with our materials, and we continue to supply them with large quantities on time, in high quality.

…for urgent orders

You have an urgent customer order, but worry how to get the raw material? Or your stock is depleted, and you need to produce a customer order as soon as possible? In any case, you need material urgently. We are able to supply you on short notice, usually within just a few weeks. You can cover short-term bottlenecks and fulfil urgent customer orders. We are happy to help, just give us a call! reels-banner Need low volumes of Aluminium, Plastic Film or Paper? Don’t hesitate to contact us.