Aluminium foil for sound insulation

Aluminium foil for sound insulation

Loud noise is not only a huge nuisance but it can also be harmful to health. Therefor noise protection is a great deal in construction business, all kinds of industry and many other areas. Aluminum film can improve sound insulation and help avoid annoying noise. At the same time they improve the protection against fire and humidity.

Aluminum film for noise insulation in construction

The choice of insulating materials in the construction business is mostly based on their heat-insulating attributes. Noise insulation is mostly considered to be of secondary importance if it is considered at all. But especially in areas where it is loud or noise might be expected it is worthwhile to check the acoustic attributes of the used insulation material right from the beginning. One of the best ways to combine heat insulation and noise protection is to use aluminum foil which offer a lot of useful characteristics alongside. Companies that use aluminum foil especially value its light weight and easy handling. Moreover this material proves itself by its sustainability, it is easily recyclable, odorless and free of hazardous substances. Aluminum film shields from heat and cold and improves shielding of noise and vibrations. A decent heat insulation combined with noise reduction can be achieved by using a combination of aluminum foil and another insulation material such as lamella mats or aluminum clad rockwool insulating boards or pipe shells. The foils ability to absorb sound makes it possible to avoid undesirable sound at its source and to stop its further emission. Aluminum foil as a noise insulator has am efficiency of about 85%. That means that only 15% of an emitted noise can pass through it.

Aluminum Foil for noise insulation in the industry

The use of aluminum foil for noise insulation can also be advantageous for the industry e.g. the reduction of high frequency noises like the fizzle of  a steam-engine. Another frequently used product is vibration absorbing adhesive tape which consists of a soft polymer adhesive material and thick aluminum foil. Aluminum coated dampening films reduce metal plate vibrations and can be used to reduce the sound emission of light steel structures. In addition insulation coated with aluminum foil is used for noise absorbing and abatement in engine rooms and motor compartments, construction and other vehicles, in shipping and mechanical engineering. For the thermic and acoustic insulation of hot surfaces with temperatures up to 500 °C like catalytic converters, exhaust pipes and exhaust turbochargers noise absorbing formed components based on aluminum foil are recommended.