Aluminium coated blinds and their advantages

Aluminium coated blinds and their advantages

Daniel Quadt

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Aluminium in the construction industry

Aluminium is being used in more and more areas due to its comprehensive advantages. Aluminium also has a firm place in building services and the building trade. Builders and architects often use aluminium, although other materials are often available.

Аluminium coated blinds

There are also several materials for venetian blinds that have their justification and applicability. But here too, for example, Аluminium coated blinds are often the better and most suitable choice.

Heat losses can also be minimized for blinds, thus reducing heating costs. The indoor climate is improved. Aluminium leaves nothing to be desired in terms of equipment and design variety.

Aluminium vs. plastic

In comparison with plastics, aluminium can also score considerably with blinds, because unlike many plastics and types of plastic, aluminium often has an advantage in terms of durability. They offer eye protection and, thanks to their almost unlimited range of colours, provide a great stylistic device for your room concept. In addition, aluminium blinds also offer ideal darkening. The individual aluminium slats have a darkening effect and are opaque.

Aluminium coated roller blinds

Roller blinds coated with aluminium from the outside can also offer adequate and long-lasting protection against sunlight and views. Here, too, the coating with aluminium on the outside represents a very convincing protection against heat. But cold influences can also be minimized, if not prevented.