Sustainability with aluminium foil

Sustainability with aluminium foil

The benefits of aluminium foil have long since ceased to be confined to the food industry. Aluminium is an important material in the construction, mechanical engineering, consumer goods and transport sectors. A material that in many areas could hardly be replaced by other materials.

Aluminium mining and extraction

Aluminium is the third most common element in the earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon, accounting for more than 7% by weight. Therefore it is the most common metal.

However, it only occurs in chemical compounds. The main mining areas include Australia, China and Brazil.

The extraction and production of aluminium is complex and cost-intensive. It also poses major health risks. However, it can be optimally recycled. In many instances, the big expense of new production can be avoided by using recycled aluminium.

Aluminium in the food and packaging industry

Environmental associations speak out against the use of aluminium in the food industry and packaging industry. Although it also has many advantages there, it can also be replaced by other substances.

However, many industries and manufacturers need aluminium for their products, where aluminium continues to stand out as THE material.

Since aluminium, as already mentioned, can also be excellently reused, the environmental balance is also significantly improved here. The aluminium processing industry companies are also working flat out on their sustainability and eco-balance.