Our Products

Some of our products: Aluminium, laminates and lacquered material.

We offer a wide range of materials and dimensions. The following shows our most frequently ordered products. Other materials, alloys and dimensions are available upon request.


Alfipa Aluminium laminated with insulation material.

Aluminium available in 6.3-4000 µ x 20-2000 mm.


Alloy: 1050, 1200, 8079, 8011, 8111, 3003, 5754.

Temper: O/H111 to H18/19.

Dimension: 6.3-4000 µ x 20-2000 mm (depending on gauge, others upon request).

Surface: Bright/dull, both sides bright, mill-finish, embossed, needled or perforated, lacquered.


Copper (electrolytic)

Alloy: Purity 99.9%.

Temper: Hard.

Dimension: 17, 35, 50, 70 µ x 300-1350 mm.

Surface: Bright/dull, both side protective lacquered to avoid oxidation.

Plastic film available in 12-36 µ x 100-1500 mm.

Plastic film available in 12-36 µ x 100-1500 mm. Laminates also available.


Stainless Steel

Grade: W 1.4401-1.4404.

Dimension: 50 µ x 1000 mm (others upon request).

Surface: Bright annealed finish, non-magnetic.


PET & PE Film

Dimension: 12-36 µ x 100-1500 mm.

Surface: Transparent, plain, corona or chemical coating, metalized.



Kraft paper (brown, recycled and white) available in 60-200 g/m².

Kraft paper (brown, recycled and white) available in 60-200 g/m².

Duplex: Aluminum + PE (with and without scrim, with scrim up to 2500 mm wide; free alu side also protective lacquered),

Aluminum + PET (free alu side also protective lacquered or UV resistant lacquered),

PET metalized + PE.

Triplex: PET + Aluminum + PET,

Aluminum + PET + Aluminum and other possibilities.

All kind of combinations with Aluminum, PET, PE and paper. With and without scrim, printed, lacquered.



Kraft: Brown (recycled), white (non-recycled).

Dimension: 60-200 g/m² x 1500 mm (others upon request).


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we respond to every inquiry!


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